All Puzzles By Joe Games have these traits in common:

  • Top quality logic puzzles for your Windows PC
  • Easy to learn and Fun to play, yet so intriguing that you’ll be playing them for years
  • More Puzzles than you’ll ever need from Novice to Expert
  • Rich variety within each game by providing differing puzzle types
  • Semi-Automated hints that let you further enjoy the game the way you choose
  • Somewhat nutritional (like Peanut Butter) but also tasty and fun to consume (like Jelly)
  • Made for the kid in all of us but you just might find these games sticking to the roof of your Brain!!!
  • All run in Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP or Windows-7


  1. Theresa Arnold says:

    Love both Clutter games! I am a breast cancer survivor and these games helped me with concentration through my chemotherapy. God bless you! I love that I could stop the timer in Clutter 2 as I am a bit slow. Striving for accuracy. So if the lovely people in the game aren’t they have nice faces anyway. I wrote down all the clutterisms in C-1. very good advice for a cluttered world. Thank you! Hope for a Clutter 3! I have played 1 and 2 over and over to the extent that I see the little objects when I close my eyes. Love plates.

  2. Patricia says:

    Love the clutter games, hope there’s more. I play them over,over,& over.

    • joe says:

      Thanks Patricia.

      Glad you’re enjoying the games.

      Hope you wrote me a nice review. 🙂

      Working on the next one….Joe

  3. sue says:

    i have autism but i found clutter and clutter 2 really good for my concentrating only problem is i have finished them both ! thank you

    • joe says:

      Hi Sue:

      Glad you enjoyed them. They are different each time…and a lot of people seem to enjoy playing them over and over….so you might want to try that.
      (You can even shut off the Story and the pop-up Help in Clutter II….so that doesn’t get in the way the 2nd time you play it).


  4. Georgia Lewis says:

    Hi Joe! I have a learning disorder and brain injury and use games as a form of ‘therapy’ to help with some diffculties. I loved Clutter 1 as it had all the things I needed to improve certain deficits. Thank you for all your hard work and dedication in getting Clutter 1 up and running. I’m more than pleased that you are getting Clutter 2 all set to go. Again, a great big THANK YOU!!!!!!!!

  5. Gregory J Nashif says:

    I want you to know that I suffer from Tourettes Syndrome and really High Anxiety, but when playing clutter, I seem to relax afterward, I purchased it as a stress reliever and hit helps with my symptons of TS as well….

    The only thing I see that can change in the next game is much smaller cursor, the big cursor adds to mis-clicks…. but that is just a small thing. Thanks for the great game.

    Greg Nashif

    • joe says:

      Hey Greg:

      Thanks for the nice words. I think I can make the cursor a little smaller…but just so you know…it’s the very tip of the point that matters. I made it big so it’s easy to see…but I think it’s a bit bigger than it needs to be. Can you explain why the size of it causes mis-clicks? Another thing that might cause problems is that it’s where you click-it that’s important….not where the mouse is released (this is different than some other games…but seem to be the right answer for the game-play I wanted). Any additional information would be helpful.

      Still shooting for being done by the end of October…and you’re going to be able to drag objects (sometimes) this time around.

      Thanks again for writing…Joe

      • Gregory J Nashif says:

        Hey joe thanks for replying, when you are in the midst of game and you are in hurry because of the timer, you are not really thinking of the the cursor movement, but the cursor is so big that a lot of times I click on one thing, then the other item is so small or hidden or surrounded by other items, and your cursor is so big, that when you click on it, sometimes it clicks on the object above or below it…. thus a mis-click.

        One thing that is common in most games, is an option to use the system cursor – in this case I would have prefered to use my normal one, you know the little white one that changes to a hand….LOL…. Looking forward to Clutter two, also downloaded gap war, to see that that is about. Have a good day, and thanks again.

        Greg Nashif

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