All Puzzles By Joe Games have these traits in common:

  • Top quality logic puzzles for your Windows PC.
  • Easy to learn and Fun to play, yet so intriguing that you’ll be playing them for years.
  • More Puzzles than you’ll ever need from Novice to Expert.
  • Rich variety within each game by providing differing puzzle types.
  • Semi-Automated hints that let you further enjoy the game the way you choose.
  • Somewhat nutritional (like Peanut Butter) but are also tasty and fun to consume (like Jelly).
  • Made for the kid in all of us but you just might find these games sticking to the roof of your Brain!!!
  • All run in Windows 95, 98, NT, ME, 2000, XP or Windows-7

16 responses to Games

  1. Joan Webb

    I really love Clutter Games (have all four) and can’t wait for Clutter V. Thank you so much for supplying my latest addiction!!!
    Best wishes

  2. Ben Gough

    When are you going to add GemShot and Break the Bank to your website?

  3. SueAnn Cardinal

    I bought Clutter 11 as a group of games on one CD. It the most played games, in fact the only played games out of all of them. I’ve played it several times. The field changes with each time you play. I love the game. Am looking now to find Clutter 1 so I can try that one. Great game Joe….

  4. Theresa Arnold

    Love both Clutter games! I am a breast cancer survivor and these games helped me with concentration through my chemotherapy. God bless you! I love that I could stop the timer in Clutter 2 as I am a bit slow. Striving for accuracy. So if the lovely people in the game aren’t they have nice faces anyway. I wrote down all the clutterisms in C-1. very good advice for a cluttered world. Thank you! Hope for a Clutter 3! I have played 1 and 2 over and over to the extent that I see the little objects when I close my eyes. Love plates.

  5. Patricia

    Love the clutter games, hope there’s more. I play them over,over,& over.

    • joe

      Thanks Patricia.

      Glad you’re enjoying the games.

      Hope you wrote me a nice review. :-)

      Working on the next one….Joe